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Where there’s a will

Shan Barclay, Norwich

ImageFor all the monarchy’s traditional links to the military, I would like on this occasion to commend prince William’s recent statement that he wishes to make achieving peace in the Middle East his main mission and priority during his tenure. Peace in the Middle East means peace in the whole world, so this is all the more laudable.

For too long peace has had to take a background role while war, jingoism and conflict have been allowed to dictate the agenda, aided and abetted by the media, incompetent governments and regimes.

This anniversary year of the ending of the First World War, and official end to all war forever, could not be a better one for the current madness and addiction to end. The economic benefits alone, not to mention all the others such as ending poverty, fear, injustice, inequality and the refugee crisis, indicate that peace is the only wise and sensible course to follow.

To quote Tony Benn, ‘All wars are a sign of failure of diplomacy’. I for one, for all my reservations about the palace, wholeheartedly endorse the prince in his intention.

Peace is achievable.