Are trans rights a diversion?

Letter by Vida Henning, Havant

ImageI find myself disturbed and puzzled by the situation at the Anarchist Book Fair.

As I’m now rather elderly, I rarely go to meetings and demonstrations but I do read a lot. I seem to have gathered some idea about gender problems but don’t think all this heat generated about it has much point.

Who is being discriminated against and whatever is this to do with a government that clings to nuclear weapons, can’t manage Brexit, and is shoving more and more people into real poverty? What I do know about governments, as part of the ruling class, is the divide-and-rule tactic has a long history.

If you were not born a woman you cannot just become one but should you not have been born physically a human female there is nothing to stop you trying to help with the sorting out of our world.

You might even embrace the idea, propounded by some, that women are kind, sensitive, caring, patient, home-makers and, therefore, become so yourself. But even with the help of surgery, medication, changing your clothes, putting on make-up, growing your hair, you will never be able to be a woman so why try?

From the articles in the last Peace News (PN 2612–2613), I gather the Anarchist Bookfair was anything but peaceful and that I find shameful.

I would however be happy to listen to a transrights person’s viewpoint although I must confess such a thing seems inexplicable to me but I’m prepared to be proved otherwise.

Should you be able to find someone able to have a civilised exchange via email, please pass on my particulars.