Feminism is a distraction

Letter by Steve Richards

ImageIf feminism is conflated with peace, then CND can also do without me. Many bourgeois women do very well in the so-called patriarchy which has nothing to do with peace. Public schoolboy Blair declared the class war over and initiated a new ministry for bourgeois women, headed by a bourgeois ‘toff’.

Another part of the big lie is the history of the suffragettes. The last thing they wanted was equality, especially with the working class, which would soil their aims and more especially with working-class men. Why would Sylvia Pankhurst not speak to her mother or sister? Socialists they were not. 1914 suffragettes campaigned ‘For King, country & Empire’. They also campaigned for conscription for working-class children; boys to be sent to the front and girls to munitions factories. Do your research!