Features in issue 2592-2593


by Peter Salmon

The Pitchford Inquiry into police infiltration gathers steam

Undercovers on the run

by Peter Salmon

Key highlights of the last four months

Turning a teenage casualty into a war hero

by Rupert Gude

100 years on from the battle of Jutland, exposing war propaganda

Taking my first steps into resistance

by Andrea Needham

An excerpt from a brilliant new direct action memoir

Echo Hall

by Virginia Moffatt

New novel poses question: 'is conflict always inevitable?'

The militarisation of the EU

by Chris Venables

Chris Venables details militarism's corruption of the European project

The peacefulness of the EU

by Europe for Peace

The EU has transformed 'the most violent continent in history', argues Europe for Peace

Sisters Uncut

by Elisa Haf

The feminists fighting austerity

The truth about Trident

by Tim Wallis

An excerpt from a new book on one of the biggest issues facing us

This is not about Islam

by Milan Rai

Religious belief was not the driver for Brussels, or Paris, or London