Comments in issue 2592-2593

Greenpeace fracks Westminster

by PN staff

Campaigners bring drilling rig to Westminster

Arms firm hit by hair spray

by David Polden

Arms protestor fined £450

The Palestinian freedom struggle

by David Polden

Bil'in resistance now in twelth year

Many Berrigans!

by PN staff

Air base blockade marks death of life-long peacemaker

Nukewatch stop bomb convoy

by PN staff

One-man blockade halts warhead

Slow walk to victory

by PN staff

Cases dropped against 20 anti-fracking protestors

MoD faces war crimes charges

by Lotte Reimer

Knighton residents to initiate private prosecution of Defence minister over Trident

Stop Trident!

by Harry Rogers

Welsh campaigners join 60,000+ strong anti-Trident demo

No to arms fair

by Wendy Lewis

Welsh campaigners target Cardiff Arms Fair

Syrians speak out on the war

by Lisa Cumming

Lisa Cumming reports on the West Yorkshire Nonviolent Network's event 'How will peace be built in Syria?'