Annie Sprinkle, Yu Dori and Beth Stephens, The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm: For Every Body

IssueOctober - November 2017
Review by Gabrielle Lewry

ImageAnnie Sprinkle describes herself as a feminist porn activist, ecosexual and radical sex educator. With Beth Stephens, she has pioneered the ecosexuality movement – the eroticising of nature by coming into relationship with the earth, showing our natural partner the same love, care and respect we would a lover. Although some may consider this odd, she reminds us that really ‘all sex is eco sex, as we are really part of, not separate from, nature.’ However, this book focuses more on Sprinkle’s work educating people about the orgasm and its powers.

Simple, humorous and very accessible, it is clearly the result of a massive amount of research and experience, combining scientific facts, the history of orgasm research, body chemistry, spiritual practices and personal experiences (both her own and anecdotes from a wide range of friends and colleagues). Korean artist Yu Dori provides the striking illustrations.

Sprinkle’s down-to-earth but passionate approach is fully inclusive. The cover proclaims that this book is ‘for every body’ regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or experience. Orgasm is the right of all human beings.

Sprinkle calls this book ‘a sort of sexy boot camp’, and she encourages you to explore and be curious about your own body and your relationship to your own sexual experience. It is not a sex manual. In fact, as she says, orgasm is not just about sex – that is just one of the routes you can take.

Instead, the authors present new and expanded definitions of what an orgasm is and invite you to listen to your own body and let go of limited thinking about what it is capable of. In the process they aim to open up a whole new world of orgasm using the practical exercises they offer. Energy orgasms, breath orgasms, orgasm as pain relief and relaxation are just a few of the possibilities.

Sexual repression is a form of control. To be comfortable and accepting of our own bodies and sexuality, with no fear or shame, delighting in the pleasure we are capable of experiencing, is a freedom we have been conditioned to deny ourselves. So I fully recommend that you get a copy of this book and practice some orgasm activism!