Comments in issue 2610 - 2611

Over 1,600 peace actions

by PN

Campaign Nonviolence plan 'Referendum for a nonviolent future' for 2018

Peace in the Borders

by Kate Macdermott

Welsh Borders join arms fair protests

Lessons in resistance and humanity

by David Hanlon

Head of Bil’in Popular Committee against the Wall comes to Aberystwyth


by PN

Anti-drones campaigners to stand trial on 24 November

100 arrests at arms fair

by Andrew Smith

Campaigners blocked the set-up of the London DSEI weapons fest

Signing up for a nuclear ban

by Catherine Tauriello

50 states sign no-nukes treaty

A-bomb fasts

by David Polden

Four-day fast marks anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings

Stopping the arms trade is not a crime

by PN

Campaigners plead not guilty

Homage to Catalonia

by PN

Mayors threatened, offices raided and posters confiscated as Spain cracks down on independence referendum

Blockaders' convictions overturned

by David Polden

Prosecution failed to establish road boundary rules judge