Comments in issue 2610 - 2611

Editorial: The secret of Hitler’s victory

by Milan Rai

Violence and a lack of principle helped undermine the movements against German fascism in the 1930s - today's social movements should take heed, argues Milan Rai

Study war lots more

by Emma Sangster

How the armed forces and arms companies influence our schools and colleges

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

We owe the 'refuseniks' more than we know, says Bruce Kent

Diary: 'You should always ask people with dogs'

by Esme Needham

Esme Needham reflects on a divestment bus tour of East Sussex

The Personal Column: Control over our own lives

by Jeff Cloves

A chance encounter prompts Jeff Cloves to ruminate on Brexit, lithium-mining in Cornwall and the arms trade

Ghost scene

by Taninaka Yasunori

Surrealist art from pre-WW2 Japan

’Biktub Ismak Ya Biladi

by Penny Stone

'Yes, we told them, we do know what it means'

Case Study: Colombia February 1997

by Nick Palazzolo

General strike defeats austerity