Comments in issue 2608 - 2609

I spy...

by David Polden

Independence day protests @ Menwith Hill

Missing Betsy, weaving Zylum

by PN

Come to PN's digital tools dayschool in January 2018!

Côr Gobaith sing out: ‘Stop arming Israel!’

by Patricia Richards

Radical choir targets HSBC on day of action

Fun day out for the family?

by Tony Young

Tony Young visits Wales' 'National Air Show'

Minority report

by David Wyn

Gathering considers Brexit impact on UK Celtic languages

Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox

by PN

Aberystwyth remembers murdered MP

Spy Cops: Police drag out inquiry

by Peter Salmon

Evidence to Pichford inquiry unlikely to be heard until mid-2019

The UN bans the Bomb!

by PN

122 nations vote for treaty outlawing nuclear weapons

Salman Abedi’s disappearing sister

by Milan Rai

How the mainstream media self-censored ‘revenge for western foreign policy’ from their reporting of the Manchester attacks

Protest, power and change

by Sue Gilmurray

Sue Gilmurray reports on this year's Peace History Conference