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Nepal peace process

The Nepali authorities have failed to deliver justice for human rights abuses during either the 10-year civil war or the anti-constitution protests in the low-lying Madesh region in late 2015.

So says Human Rights Watch (HRW) in its World Report 2017, published on 12 January.

‘While there have been some arrests for the killings of members of the police forces during the [2015] protests, there has been no movement on justice for the civilians who were killed, which included some children. A commission set up to inquire into these killings remains without a proper mandate, terms of reference, or a budget.’

HRW adds that ‘millions of victims of Nepal’s devastating April and May 2015 earthquakes continued to languish in makeshift shelters and temporary camps, with Nepali political parties squabbling over how to disburse over US$4 billion in relief and reconstructions funds.’