Comments in issue 2602 - 2603

Obituary: Deyika Nzeribe, 9 August 1966 - 1 January 2017

by Marc Hudson, Dr Tanzil Chowdury

Marc Hudson and Dr Tanzil Chowdury remember a Pan-Africanist, poet and environmental campaigner

Activism & ...

by PN

Eggs, boredom and more!

Editorial: Trump, class, racism and... empathy

by Milan Rai

We need to develop empathy - and where appropriate solidarity - with those who voted to leave the EU, argues Milan Rai

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

An unlikely opponent of war provides a lesson for the peace movement

The Personal Column: 'Act Global, Think Local'

by Jeff Cloves

Our global future is uncertain but also full of possibilities

The teaspoon brigade

by Penny Stone

A Pete Seeger parable keeps Penny Stone keeping on

A better world is possible

by Gill Knight

A trip to Cuba inspires Gill Knight