Climate Action 2016

IssueFebruary - March 2016

12 & 13 February: Global Divestment Day
Fossil Free UK say: ‘After the Paris climate deal, getting the solutions we need means building on our momentum and bringing the pressure home. It means building our power, demanding just climate solutions and breaking our ties with the fossil industry once and for all. On 12-13th February people all around the country will be showing their love for the climate, and taking action in their communities to divest from fossil fuels – join them!’

7–15 May: Break Free from Fossil Fuels and others say: ‘Join a global wave of resistance to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. We’re mobilising to shut down the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects and support the most ambitious climate solutions. Locations include Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Nigeria and South Africa.

13–16 May: In the lignite coal fields Lusatia (near Berlin).
Ende Gelände (‘This Far and No Further’) say: ‘2016 is a crucial year that will determine the future of coal in Lusatia, near Berlin. Vattenfall, one of Germany‘s energy corporations, wants to sell coal mines and coal-fired power plants for as much money as possible instead of shutting them down. A new investor would reinvest large sums into lignite mining in the area. Protect the climate, block coal diggers!

Reclaim the Power say: ‘Groundswell is a call to escalate climate justice actions in the wake of the Paris climate talks.
‘From fossil fuel to border controls, the arms industry to financial markets, Groundswell will link up groups taking action, and create new avenues for people to engage in civil disobedience. We want to do more for climate justice in one year than our governments have in the last 21.’