Features in issue 2590-2591

Should we 'call people out'? Or call them in?

by Betsy Leondar-Wright

How should a white anti-racist respond to racist remarks by another white person?

How to tackle classism... and how not to

by Betsy Leondar-Wright

The final part of our interview with Betsy Leondar-Wright, author of Missing Class

First to die, to fight, to march

by Wretched of the Earth Bloc

An open letter from the Wretched of the Earth bloc about the ‘People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs’ on 29 November

Time to cycle

by PN staff

Last December PN's editor - and 129 others - headed for the climate negotiations in Paris ... by bike

Climate Action 2016


Coming soon to a planet near you ...

Backpack blockading

by PN staff

Top tips from Paris!

With My Hammer

by Shannon Smy

I will stand and I will defend my right to fight against violence

We can stop Trident replacement

by Angie Zelter

Take action at Burghfield this June

The 2015 Creative Activist Awards

by Nadine Bloch

Drum roll please ...

Transform now!

by Brian Larkin

Ploughshares activist Megan Rice first speaker at new Peace & Justice Centre