Comments in issue 2590-2591

Christians whitewash ‘dept for extreme climate change’

by PN staff

'Woe to you ... you hypocrites!'

Bad arrest, good result

by Chris Bluemel

He fought the law ...

Stop arming the Saudi war in Yemen

by Natalie Shanklin

Campaigners bring legal challenge to UK arms exports

Housmans digs deep

by Catherine Barter

Crowdfunded basement opens at PN's sister bookshop

Swiss to vote on Basic Income

by PN staff

Referendum marks turning point in campaign for new human right

Anti-Trident action from Edinburgh to London

by David Polden

'Peaton Pirates' take on nukes

Police harass Scottish peace campaigners

by David Polden

Nukewatchers detained

Met gives in on eighth undercover police relationship case

by PN staff

Met withdraw defence to avoid disclosure

When will they ever learn?

by Kelvin Mason

Coal giant attempts to enclose common land

Machtivists on trial

by Lotte Reimer

Heathrow 13 found guilty