Anti-Trident action from Edinburgh to London

IssueFebruary - March 2016
News by David Polden

On 9 December, Janet, Douglas, David, Brian and Jean, members of the ‘Peaton Pirates’ nuclear disarmament affinity group on arrived at the door of the Scotland Office, Edinburgh, as representing the UK government in Scotland.

Someone calling themselves the ‘deputy policy officer’ agreed to read their letter (which asked the secretary of state for Scotland to explain how Trident could be used in accordance with international humanitarian law) and return to discuss it with them.

After he failed to return after several hours, the Trident Ploughshares pirates sat on the steps of the office displaying anti-nuclear banners, chalked anti-Trident messages the door, the walls and the steps, finally leaving unmolested.

Down in London, on 14 December, the Muriel Lesters Trident Ploughshares affinity group and supporters held their annual ‘Christmas’ protest outside Lockheed Martin’s Regent Street offices.

Lockheed Martin (LM) is part-owner of the Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory.

The group decorated a bus shelter on the pavement with banners and posters, leafleted the many passers-by to inform them of the Aldermaston connection, and sang Christmas carols adapted with an anti-nuclear message. They also delivered a large Christmas card with messages of peace and goodwill and advice to pursue more peaceful activities.

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