Activism and ... Valentines

IssueFebruary 2015 - March 2015
Comment by PN

What comes into my mind if you say ‘activism and Valentines’? Russell Brand! I dunno.

Man, 20s, London area

Whoa! That’s a tricky one. I’ve never associated the two. People do activism out of the goodness of their hearts for the love of people, maybe?

I think that’s what it’s generally done for, activism, for the love of the planet and love of the people. Oh, hang on, my friend has got a good one. (See below.)

Man, 20s, Glasgow area

Everyone should give up their Valentines this year in the name of activism, and say: ‘Fuck nukes, not people’.

Woman, 20s, Glasgow area

Oh my God. Cheesy actions. I would think it would be wussy love things and I want actions to be about anger not wussy.

I react quite badly to the idea. I would do some kind of anti-Catholic religious saint nonsense, that’s not very helpful. It’s terrible hetero coupley nonsense.

The Co-op hearts advertising! They’re using hearts on everything, getting co-ops to....

Let’s think... Activism and Valentines. Maybe activism and healthy living – around heart disease?

Probably world peace and love.

Woman, 30s, Leeds area

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