Features in issue 2578-2579

Turn up the heat on rip-off energy companies

by Fuel Poverty Action

Fuel Poverty Action look back at 2014, and forward to 2015!

A future in prison

by Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly looks forward to a future world that is less like a prison

Sharpening contradictions

by Juan Cole

Why al-Qa’eda attacked satirists in Paris

No, I am not Charlie

by Jan Oberg

A Swedish peace researcher reflects on the terror in Paris and the reactions to it

Cis – a site of conflict

by Finn Mackay

An excerpt from new book Radical Feminism explores divisions around trans inclusion

International Women’s Day

by PN

A partial list of upcoming events in the UK

Learning from eco-villages

by Jenny Pickerill

A response to Leslie Barson’s critique in the last issue

Weaving our own web

by Milan Rai

A report on the Peace News online campaigning conference in January which introduced the PN digital toolset Zylum to the movement

UKIP put me off my beer

by Erica Smith

A Hastings artist and designer takes action when UKIP decides to hold a fundraiser in her local pub

Conflict, Time, Photography

by Erica Smith

Erica Smith reviews Tate Modern's latest exhibition