Features in issue 2578-2579

We are all [ ] – fill in the blank

by Noam Chomsky

The renowned US dissident reflects on the hypocrisy of the elite response to the Charlie Hebdo killings

The world is my country

by PN

Shout out for PN's First World War speaking tour ...

Turn up the heat on rip-off energy companies

by Fuel Poverty Action

Fuel Poverty Action look back at 2014, and forward to 2015!

A future in prison

by Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly looks forward to a future world that is less like a prison

Sharpening contradictions

by Juan Cole

Why al-Qa’eda attacked satirists in Paris

No, I am not Charlie

by Jan Oberg

A Swedish peace researcher reflects on the terror in Paris and the reactions to it

Cis – a site of conflict

by Finn Mackay

An excerpt from new book Radical Feminism explores divisions around trans inclusion

International Women’s Day

by PN

A partial list of upcoming events in the UK

Learning from eco-villages

by Jenny Pickerill

A response to Leslie Barson’s critique in the last issue

Weaving our own web

by Milan Rai

A report on the Peace News online campaigning conference in January which introduced the PN digital toolset Zylum to the movement