Comments in issue 2578-2579

Plaid Cymru, SNP and Greens call for investment in people not weapons

by Lotte Reimer

Trident could be deal breaker in event of hung parliament

Wrap Up Trident

by Georgia Elander

Thousands surround MoD to launch CND's general election campaign

UK airstrikes in Iraq hit 100 – one third by drones

by Chris Cole

As air war continues, secrecy over UK drone leads to speculation re. possible Mali deployment

End the Drone Wars

by David Polden

Activists break into UK drone base

Drone protests US: prison for Kathy Kelly

by David Polden

US peace campaigner jailed for drones action

Oh, Vienna

by PN staff

44 states press for nuclear disarmament

Action against the occupation of Palestine

by David Polden

Hunger strikes, war resistance and BDS ...

Scrap Trident, Ban Nukes!

by PN

Five go adventuring in Faslane

The year of fracking dangerously

by Kelvin Mason

Wales is ready to take on the extreme energy industry, reports Kelvin Mason.