Features in issue 2562

Victory for the second superpower

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Obama and Cameron have been forced to bow to their populations' anti-war sentiments

'You cannot be free if you are poor'

by Tim Gee

A glimpse at a grassroots nonviolent revolutionary movement in South Africa, as the country approaches the 20th anniversary of the end of political apartheid

Nonviolence in Syria

by Jessica Corbett

PN talks to Syrian activists inside the outside the country

A gun at your head

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai explains how nuclear weapons work in the real world

Come out! We have you surrounded.

by PN

Book your tickets now for PN's benefit 'Celebration of People Power' on Sunday 13 October.

Black History Month, October 2013

by Emily Johns

Emily Johns commemorates tje life of Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa