Start planning

Letter by Bruce Kent, London

ImageSo David Cameron is in 2014 going to spend millions on British celebrations of the First World War. Let’s get our hands on some of that dosh.

15 May, International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, could do with some publicity and celebration in places large and small around the country. We locally are already planning a Peace Festival in London’s Finsbury Park on Sunday 3 August — the day before that barbaric war started. It will be a focus of anti-war protest .

Football matches with English, French, Germans, Russians (if we can find some) etc all on the same teams. Children’s peace games etc etc. Let’s organise the same in all public parks. Thanks to the invaluable Housmans Peace Diary, I see that 11 November in 2014 is on a Tuesday. So large silent vigils on Sunday 9 November? Trafalgar Square?

Several peace groups are already at work on such ideas. Let’s all join in.

A medal for anyone who actually does get a slice of Cameron’s millions.