Comments in issue 2552-2553

UK torture transfers

by Gabriel Carlyle

Can a 'known torturer' and drug dealer be expected to uphold human rights? The British government thinks so.

Thousands join 68-day Kurdish hunger strike

by David Polden

Kurds struggling for peace talks & language rights.

Israel assassinated Hamas leader ‘to avoid ceasefire’

by PN staff

Assassinated Hamas leading was contemplating truce with Israel, says Israeli peace activist.

Zombie roads rise again in Hastings

by Milan Rai

Tories resuscitate long-dead road schemes.

Lockheed Martin HQ exposed by Trident Ploughshares

by PN staff

Nuke maker's AGM disrupted.

Iraq 2003

by PN

Spread the word about Wobbly Tuesday.

Enter the Dragons — in Cardiff

by Dr Vole

Welsh activists take anti-nuclear message to the steps of the Senedd.

Wake up and hear the singing!

by Patricia Richards

Côr Gobaith feel the solidarity at national TUC demo

Newport peace poppies

by PN staff

White poppy wreath laid at British legion's invitation

345 drone strikes: four civilians dead?

by Gabriel Carlyle

Are the UK government's figures on drone casualties really credible?