Features in issue 2552-2553

No more mortgage suicides!

by Howard Clark

Spain’s social movements struggle for housing justice.

Co-ops come together

by Felix Lozano

Felix Lozano is inspired by the spirit of a co-operation at Co-operatives United.

Radical Routes

by Anonymous

A brief look at the UK's national network of radical housing co-ops.

A Persian peace

by Shirin Ebadi, Rebecca Boyle

Peace News speaks to the Iranian Nobel Peace Laureate and former judge, Shirin Ebadi, on sanctions and democracy in Iran.

2013: the year of Iran

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Reflections from the Peace News editors on the eve of their delegation to Iran

Iran peace delegation 2013

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Peace News editors Emily Johns and Milan Rai are travelling to Iran as part of a US/UK peace delegation in February 2013.

Destroying Syria to save it?

by Linda Heiden

Nonviolent opposition voices oppose militarisation of the revolution.

An anarchist among jihadists

by Mohammed

A view from the grassroots of the Syrian revolution.

Can you smell gas?

by Claire Fauset

Claire Fauset spent a week occupying a chimney

Live adventurously, go to Afghanistan

by Susan Clarkson

Susan Clarkson describes her preparation process for a journey of solidarity.