Comments in issue 2552-2553

Editorial: Anti-semitism, Zionism, BDS and PN

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

PN's editors respond to criticism from a reader.

Liverpool Diary: December 2012

by Jennifer Verson

Turkeys, progress & praxis

Dai Vaughan: 6 September 1933 - 6 June 2012

by Martin Smith

Documentary maker, author and activist

Remembrance Sunday

by Jeremy Kingston

Jeremy Kingston is inspired by Lt Gen Sir John Kiszley's frank admission

Activism and ... Desperation


Is desperation a luxury?

30 years ago: Gandhi: the movie

by Albert Beale

Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi was reviewed at length for PN by Devi Prasad, a colleague of Gandhi who’d lived on Gandhi’s ashram both before and after the latter’s assassination in 1948.