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Issue 2545 | May 2012

Visionary thinking

Building revolutionary bases

The second part of our interview with nonviolent revolutionary George Lakey, in which he charts the story of the pioneering Movement for a New Society


The White Book of Peace

The White Book of Carmarthen is one of the most extraordinary peace movement projects in the world.  


Dispatch from the future



John Arden: 26 October 1930 – 28 March 2012

Michael Randle on the playwright and Peace News supporter John Arden who died aged 82 last month. 



‘Afghanising’ the occupation

'Withdrawal' of US and UK troops from Afghanistan will not end harsh detention regime.


483 arrests at NATO

UK activists join demo in Brussels


Peace plinth heads to LA

A ‘Peace Plinth’ that has been the centrepiece of Peace Strike’s round-the-clock vigil in Parliament Square for over two years has been transported to the US.

AWPC still going strong

Riseup servers seized by FBI

On 18 April, US federal authorities seized a server in New York belonging to Riseup, a radical internet service provider.


Climate Caravan: Demanding one million climate jobs

There is a way to boost jobs and the economy, and at the same time help to avert devastating climate change, according to the One Million Climate Jobs campaign.


A ‘Bradford Spring’

Prominent anti-war activist George Galloway won a sensational byelection victory in Bradford West on 29 March, receiving 56% of the vote on a Respect ticket.


No-chalk ASBO fails

The national domestic extremism unit has failed to impose anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) on two Catholic peace activists, during a trial arising from a de

Features & comment

Picture this

The police continue to prevent journalists doing their job


Resisting US war plans on Jeju Island

“Over 400 people have been arrested since January 2010, with numbers rising rapidly”


30 years ago: Opposing the Falklands War

PN was a leading voice in the radical opposition to the Falklands War; though there was plenty of reactionary opposition too – from both ends of the orthodox political spectrum.


Peaceful rage

Sometimes I try – like many PN readers I guess – to imagine myself in the position of a bereaved family in a civil war and know that revenge would be uppermost in my min

Activism and... Mentors


News from Scotland

Glasgow asylum seekers face destitution

Up to 140 Glasgow asylum seekers are to be evicted by their landlord, Ypeople, in the next few weeks. They will be left with no home as well as no access to work, benefits or any state support.


West Bank Freedom Flytilla

Around 1,300 supporters of Palestinian human and national rights planned to arrive in Israel’s Ben-Gurion international airport on 15 April.


RBS funds nuclear arms production

Royal Bank of Scotland finances 16 companies that are heavily involved in the manufacture, modernisation and maintenance of US, British and French nuclear forces.


Roouminations ...

Roouminations ...

Tony Telford