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PNblogeditor's blog

Redrawing the lines of Maldivian democracy

Report from the Maldives on the current elections and social crisis in the country.


The GM debate?

Report about a recent anti-GM researchers and campaigners event.


UN ‘overwhelmingly’ linked to cholera epidemic in Haiti

New scientific evidence “overwhelmingly” links UN troops to a cholera epidemic in Haiti that has killed 8000 people and yet the organisation refuses to accept liability, adding further to the on-going controversy of the UN troop presence in the country.


LGBT in China

Fourth installment of the PN blog series about grassroots activism in China.


Oppression in Xinijang province

Third installment of the PN blog series about grassroots activism in China.


China’s dream

With a focus on enviornmental issues, LS provides the second installment of the PN series about activism in China.


Ignoring grassroots struggles in China

First part of a series to feature on the PN blog about grassroots struggles in China.


Iraq ten years on: Speaking event at University of Southampton

Ian Sinclair speaking at the University of Southampton about his book 'The march the shook Blair' that also featured Matt Barr who has recently returned from Iraq.


Legal Aid reforms: Losing more than just access to justice

Lawyer and activist Jo Wilding on the stark consequences of the proposed Legal Aid reforms and the recent demonstration against them.



A series of Jill Gibbon's drawings from BAE's annual general meeting, May 8th

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