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PNblogeditor's blog

Margaretta D'Arcy thanks supporters and highlights role of women in conflict resolution

From opposing Ireland allowing the US military to use Shannon Airport to Limerick Prison


A Trial for Transparency and an American’s Impression of the British Legal System

US perspective on Emily John's arrest, trial and recent sentencing following protests against the Bexhill Link Road.


Locked in Winter

Kathy Kelly reports from Chaman e Babrak in Afghanistan.


From Egypt to Afghanistan: Who is my enemy?

From Egypt and Afghanistan two outlooks on who are our emenies.


Undermining Haiti's Minimum Wage

As condemnations of Haiti's minimum wage increase are ringing out the long and disturbing history of external interference leading to a race down to the bottom needs to be remembered.


Remembering Haitian Independence

On January 1, 1804 Haiti became an independent nation free from colonial slavery but this important history is often missing from the prevalent narrative that blames Haiti for its current plight.


Expecto Patronum: Lessons from Harry Potter for Social Justice Organising

Learning lesson for social justice organising using Harry Potter as an illustrative narrative.


2 Million Voices to remember 2 Million Afghan Victims of War, including Hashim and Zukoom

The human cost of war in Afghanistan remembered.


Maldives eyes fourth election attempt in two months as constitutional deadline, chaos looms

Exclusive report from the Maldives on election day.


UN sued for role in cholera outbreak in Haiti

UN sued in Manhattan court over its role in the 2010 outbreak of cholera in Haiti that has claimed the lives of over 8000 people and infected over 650,000.

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