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Trip to Faslane Peace Camp February 2013

Report back from Natalia Grana’s recent trip to the Faslane Peace Camp


Report from Iraq: Halabja and the Politics of Tragedy

REPORT FROM IRAQ: Non-violent protests by the people of Halabja at the 25th anniversary commemorations of the town's gassing help highlight the political misuse of the massacre.


Report from Iraq: Turkish Bombings Continue Unabated

REPORT FROM IRAQ: Cross-border Turkish bombings continue to claim civilian lives and disrupt livelihoods in northern Iraq.


Wrongful Arrest IPCC Complaint Upheld

Following a brutal arrest and an IPCC complaint being upheld, Mani Hamid is seeking a movement to support victims of miscarriages of justice.


What price Palestinian Statehood? West Bank Under Increased Threat

Is 'the Gate of the Sun' tent camp the beginning of a new form of non-violent resitence?


The Historical Roots of Haiti's Unnatural Disaster

Three years on from 2010's earthquake and still little is written about how the social causes of the disaster relate to Haiti's history of external exploitation.


Haiti: A History in Shadow

Although widely unknown and uncelebrated Haiti's history actually “played an inordinately important role in the articulation of a version of human rights” that promotes universality.


Poland Ratifies Landmine Ban Treaty, Bringing all of EU into Treaty

Poland's decision leaves US as only NATO country not to have ratified the Landmine Ban Treaty.


Gaza’s Only Fisherwoman Continues to Sail

Report from the recent Voices for Creative Nonviolence emergency delegation to the Gaza Strip.


Virtual Media Blackout on Turkey’s Recent Military Incursions into Iraq

On-going cross-border military actions in northern Iraq are killing civilians and being underreported.

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