Westminster – CAGE points to foreign policy and racism

IssueApril - May 2017
News by Milan Rai

In the wake of the Westminster terror attack, British society needs ‘courageous introspection’, and ‘a re-examination of the neo-conservative and violent Western foreign and domestic policy towards Muslims’.

That was the response of CAGE, a Muslim NGO ‘working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror’, to the car-and-knife attack in London on 22 March which had led to five deaths by the time of going to press.

CAGE pointed to ‘the death this month of at least 230 civilians by coalition forces in Mosul, Iraq, the killing by a US airstrike of nearly 60 worshippers in a mosque in Aleppo and the shooting of 42 migrants on a boat escaping the war in Yemen by the British-armed Saudi-led coalition.’

CAGE noted that there were no silent vigils for these deaths, nor any public condemnations: ‘This silence carries a clue as to the solutions that are needed to bring about peace.’

Topics: Foreign policy