Nepali majority

News in Brief

The 16 months since the re-election of the Nepali constituent assembly (CA2) have seen fierce arguments between the political establishment (the two largest parties, the Nepali Congress and the UML communists) and 30 outsider parties (Maoists and ethnic minority groups).

The big parties have wanted to use their parliamentary majority to pass their version of the constitution, while the Maoists and their allies have demanded that the constitution be agreed by consensus.

24 demonstrators were injured when tens of thousands of people marched in Kathmandu on 28 February in favour of a consensus decision-making process. Police used tear gas and water cannon.

As PN went to press, CA2 was finally heading towards a vote to pass a new constitution.

Separately, on 26 February, the supreme court annulled the power of the truth and reconciliation commission to grant amnesties for war crimes committed during the Nepali civil war (see PN 2572-2573).

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