Hiroshima and Nagasaki remembered

IssueOctober - November 2014
News by Ray Davies

CND Cymru commemorated the 69th anniversary of Hiroshima’s tragedy, when the US dropped the first atomic bomb on the city in 1945, with a slow peace walk around the Eisteddfod Maes in Llanelli, accompanied by Côr Cochion’s songs of peace, and the unrolling of a portion of the 11-mile-long ‘Wool against Weapons’ knitting. The second bomb, dropped on 9 August 1945, devastated Nagasaki.

In memory of its victims, Côr Cochion sang the poetic ‘Lullaby of Oleander’ by a Japanese A-bomb survivor, from the middle of Roath Park Lake to those enjoying the summer sunshine on the shore. We then processed around the lake, holding posters of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Gaza, and collecting for the Gaza Children’s Hospital.

Our fragile world is becoming increasingly more dangerous with mutual sabre-rattling by NATO and Russia and the world’s nuclear arsenal growing by the day. Our peace campaigning has never been more needed.

Topics: Nuclear weapons
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