Campaign nonviolence begins!

IssueOctober - November 2014
News by PN staff

As Peace News went to press, Campaign Nonviolence (CNV), a US nonviolence study/action initiative, was beginning its first week of action, which had been a year in the making. There were 227 marches, rallies, vigils, festivals, celebrations and other events planned across all 50 states of the continental USA, starting on 21 September.

The purpose of the week of action is to launch a long-term movement to build a culture of peace and nonviolence free from war, poverty, climate crisis and the epidemic of violence.

CNV reported: ‘Alabama has a peace vigil, Alaska has a climate march, American Samoa will be holding a candle-lit vigil for those lost to violence, Arkansas has an entire week of events to promote nonviolence! Protests, marches and vigils to end drone warfare are taking place in Nevada and Wisconsin. Groups in Illinois and Michigan will be calling for an end to the violence of racism. In Delaware groups will march with messages of peace through their neighborhoods devastated by gun violence. Peace and justice groups throughout Santa Fe, New Mexico will march in solidarity with the People’s Climate March in New York City! Maine has gathered 40 groups throughout the city to march in downtown Bangor connecting the dots between war, poverty and the climate crisis! In Washington, DC, some will even be risking arrest at the White House demanding changes in policy in the areas of war, poverty, and the climate crisis.’

The week of action was officially launched on 18 September at the National Press Club in Washington DC, with former Ohio congressperson Dennis Kucinich and others.

The Campaign Nonviolence Pledge involves a commitment to:

  • ‘Practice nonviolence toward myself.’
  • ‘Practice nonviolence toward all others.’
  • ‘Practice nonviolence by joining the global movement to abolish war, end poverty, stop the destruction of the earth and foster a just and peaceful world for all.’

During the week of action there was also a rotating 24-hour fast for those not able to join a local activity.