Objecting to war

Letter by Jan Melichar, PPU, London

ImageFollowing your short piece entitled ‘dosh’, I hope you will allow me to correct a few facts.

The project implicitly referred to, and the object of the heritage lottery fund grant mentioned, is actually called ‘Objecting to War’, for which a sum of £95,800 was granted. The project is to engage with communities and schools in the London area.

Separately, however, the Peace Pledge Union will be carrying out similar work around the country and would very much welcome any support for this – financial and physical.

Most importantly, while we welcome information about conscientious objectors (COs) in general, we are particularly keen to find people who are willing to help with research about the First World War COs, as well as people interested in participating in the project to produce and promote resultant material.

Our aim is to give a voice to the anti-war protesters at the start of the bloodiest century, in the hope that the 21st will be better.

For London area activities, contact Ben at: coproject [at] ppu.org.uk
For the rest of UK, contact:  jan [at] ppu.org.uk
To keep up to date go to:  www.nomorewar.org.uk