Hiroshima fast comes to Burghfield

IssueJuly/August 2013
News by PN

Due to a misunderstanding by the PN editors, the article by Marc Morgan published in last month’s PN was an early version, which left out important information. 

The fast in Paris, still organized by the Maison de Vigilance, will be held in conjunction with a fast in Burghfield held by Action AWE, and a fast at Büchel NATO base, in Germany, organized by the Atomfrei Jetzt campaign.

Fasters at the three sites will take part in symbolic actions, silent vigils and public demonstrations from 6-9 August, to ‘create full community of action and of spirit between the three fasts’.

People who cannot travel are welcome to join in thought or by fasting for all or part of the time, wherever they are.

Topics: Nuclear Power