Features in issue 2559-2560

How are we going to get there?

by Preeti Kaur

The International Organisation for Participatory Society is a new  revolutionary network connecting independent radicals worldwide

Satta Hashem

by PN

Buhrez - 2004. Ink on paper 33cm x 24cm.

Power, race and peace

by Jordana Jarrett

An interview with the director of England’s Fellowship of Reconciliation

Standing up to Islamophobia

by Jordana Jarrett

Since the Woolwich attack in London on 22 May, at least 13 mosques have been attacked, according to Islamophobia monitoring group Tell MAMA, which has recorded 212 incidents targeting Muslims – including harassment, violence and damaged property.

What anti-oppression workshops should teach

by Daniel Hunter

One of the world’s leading activist trainers draws on decades of experience

The violence of empire

by Jordana Jarrett

Behind the scenes of a historic victory for Kenyan torture victims

A Peace News expose

by PN

Peace News played an important role in exposing British colonial torture in Kenya, publishing an expose by whistle-blower Eileen Fletcher on 4 May 1956.

Western nuclear terrorism

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai surveys the history of Western nuclear threats against the Global South

PN Summer Camp 2013: Who, what, where, why and when

by Milan Rai

The theme for this year's Camp is "Taking a lead from the Global South", and the Camp will feature Egyptian, Nigerian and Colombian activists