Dear Subscribers

Letter by Claire Poyner, PN admin worker

ImageSome of you had to collect the September issue of PN at your local sorting office as it had been marked as ‘underpaid item — deficient postage’ and had to pay the fee, others didn’t collect (so far I’ve had seven envelopes returned as not collected). Those who did collect their mailing may have noticed the item was NOT over 100g and therefore the Royal Mail had made a mistake.

I have put in an official complaint about this which has been accepted by RM. Any subscriber who paid the extra would be entitled to claim the money back (and get a free book of stamps as we did!). You will need a P58 form from the Royal Mail website. If you want to do this, contact me for the Freepost address and the reference number (which should be quoted to link up the complaints), I can also print out the required form if you don't use the internet.

In the meantime, if you are missing the September issue and would like another copy, get in touch and I will post one.

Apologies to all concerned!