Hiroshima banner

IssueJuly-August 2012
PHOTO: Emily Johns

“This banner is one of many that I and Lorna Vahey have made for the peace movement. Our first banner was made when Hastings Against War was formed ten years ago. We have also made ones for International Women’s Day and against domestic violence. They are all used for demos, conferences and stalls in the High Street. Our speciality is making banners for individuals at times of  celebration marking their lives as peace makers. There is one we gave to Connie Mager (see BBC website for her experiences as a landgirl: www.tinyurl.com/peacenews586), and one we made for John Lynes that incorporated his Christian Peace Maker Team work in Palestine/Israel. Lorna and I work together, responding to each other’s ideas and trailing around the charity shops looking for material to cut up”. (see these other beautiful banners at peacenews.info/blog)

Topics: Culture, Art, Activism