Comments in issue 2547-2548

Lesters v Lockheed


Arms company gets an unwanted visit



'Alternative Jubilee' celebrated at UK bomb factory

Occupy roundup

by Rebecca Boyle

Rebecca Boyle recaps the latest UK developments

The Faslane effect

by Leonna O'Neill, Julia Herzog, Angus Chalmers

As Faslane Peace Camp celebrates its 30th birthday with a month of action.

Your country (still) needs you!

by Trwper Twp

Trwper Twp clowns around in Lampeter

How green are our valleys? Around and about the fair country

by Kelvin Mason

Kelvin Mason surveys the Welsh activist scene

Israel ‘reneges’ on deal

by David Polden

Palestinian prisoners still being held in solidarity confinement

T-shirt protestor to appeal in ‘domestic extremism’ case

by Rebecca Boyle

Veteran campaigner challenges 'extremism' database

'Forswear blockading or face seven years' jail'

by David Polden

US activist faces stiff jail sentence for resisting military recruiting

Police spy 'committed arson'

by David Polden

Did police spy Bob Lambert fire-bomb Debenhams?