Mind games

Letter by Jim Huggan, Knodishall

ImageThe Olympic Shenanigans reminds me of an Olympic year in the 1970s when an alternative olympics was held one afternoon on Clapham Common in London.

Events included the Short Jump, (the winner of this event I recall successfully jumped over a human hair), the 100 yards (yes - yards in those days) metaphysical analysis in which contestants had to walk - slowly - 100 yards, thinking very deeply - the winner being decided not only on the slowness of the walk but by the quality of the thought - as this latter was found to be impossible to quantify - any result was declared null and void. Also the sack race was suggested - for the fastest redundancy - but was not included as it was felt that it would discriminate against students and the already unemployed. I also recall the “Hop, Step and Fall Down” and the “ego on spoon” (contestents holding just an empty spoon of course). Other events mercifully evade fading memory grasp. Just a suggestion - in case anyone reading this might feel like getting together - with light refreshments - adding a few new events - and having fun somewhere.

Heigh Ho.

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