IssueJune - July 2023
News by PN staff

Over 10,000 people took to the streets of Central London on 13 May to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom and justice.

At the Palestine Solidarity Campaign rally, Jeremy Corbyn MP said: ‘For those that think we are going to go away, dream on and think on. We will never give up on the rights of the Palestinian people.’

This came on the last day of an Israeli bombing campaign against Gaza (9 – 13 May) which killed 33 people, including nine adult civilians and six children, according to the Palestinian centre for human rights.

The bombing came after rockets and mortars were fired into Israel from Gaza, which were themselves a response to the death of a senior figure in the Palestinian paramilitary group, Islamic Jihad, Khader Adnan, on 2 May.

Khader Adnan, 45, died after an 86-day hunger strike in an Israeli prison – he was protesting against being detained without charge by the Israeli authorities for the twelfth time.

The Islamic Jihad rocket fire during from 3 – 13 May killed one Israeli woman and two Palestinians working in Israel.