Features in issue 2666

Three days of the candour

by Milan Rai

At the Journal of Peace and Nonviolence peace research workshop



A photographic exhibition about deaths in police contact, prisons, mental health and care units

Roy's PN photos

by Roy St Pierre

A selection of photos by Roy St Pierre

Muste and revolutionary nonviolence

by Milan Rai

The foremost task of someone committed to nonviolence is ‘to denounce the violence on which the present system is based'

AJ Muste’s life of activism

by AJ Muste Memorial Institute

Described by some as ‘the American Gandhi’, this lifelong activist was called ‘the Number One US Pacifist’ by Time magazine in 1939


by Julie Saumagne

How peace campaigners are using TikTok for Peace

It’s time to stop the drift towards ‘Killer Robots’

by Peter Burt

Only 10 nations - including UK - don't support a ban

Is France broken?

by Marc Morgan

Macron’s heavy-handed pensions reform is undermining democracy

‘The US should be a force for peace in the world’

by Eisenhower Media Network

An open letter published as a full-page advertisement in the New York Times