Features in issue 2606 - 2607

Late at night with an undercover

by Emily Johns

A PN worker remembers a narrow escape with a police infiltrator

An evangelical anarchist cop

by Milan Rai

PN's editor recalls his experience of a 'police triple-decker sandwich'

Let’s talk about class

by PN staff

Meet Betsy Leondar-Wright at this year’s ground-breaking Peace News Summer Camp



The PN guide to peace movement guides to the British general election

The rise and fall of Phil Shiner

by Ian Sinclair

How a human rights lawyer was destroyed

Occupy 1967!

by Diana Shelley

50 years after the colonels’ coup in Greece

‘People Power: Fighting for Peace’


Andrea Needham reviews the Imperial War Museum's latest exhibition

Bread & Roses


PN Press book makes radical book award shortlist

Case Study: Funafil workers’ 410-day occupation Guatemala, 1987–1988

by Karen Ridd

How striking workers resisted a seven-day work week

Murad Subay

by Murad Subay

Art by the award-winning Yemeni artist