Issue: 2568-2569

April 2014


Top Stories

Ukraine: a nonviolent victory

by Jack Duvall, Maciej Bartkowski, Peter Ackerman

Civil resistance shredded the legitimacy of a repressive and corrupt government

Syrian nonviolent activists today

by Emily Masters

Working towards a viable future for Syria when fighting ends


Faslane campers board nuclear sub

by Heather Stewart

Action against weapons of mass destruction

Mounting calls to end drone secrecy

by Gabriel Carlyle

Action by the European parliament and the UN


by Elisa Haf

International Women’s Day

Defending family farms

by Oli Rodker

Working for european food sovereignty

Palestinian hunger strikers undergo ‘punitive measures’

by David Polden

...and Israeli refusers


Fairphone forever!

by Ludovica Rogers

The world’s first ethically-minded smartphone

Fracking amazing

by Emily Masters

Manchesters’ new front line in the struggle against extreme energy

Reaching for the edge

by Emily Masters

Anti-oppression work becomes a renewed focus for UK grassroots trainers


Following mysterious ‘Mitch’

by Rikki Blue

On the march against corruption

Fun not fear

by PN

Over 30 UK groups held kite-flying actions on the spring equinox, celebrating Nowruz, the Afghan New Year, and protesting against the use of drones over Afghanistan. The international project was organised by Voice for Creative Nonviolence UK, inspired by the Afghan Peace Volunteers.


Time to get a grip on technology!

by Dave King

Breaking the Frame, May 2014

Calling for Peace

by Ann Kramer

The Women's Peace Congress

A heart-breaking work of staggering genius

by Marc Hudson

Activism and fiction

35 years ago: Where next?

by Albert Beale

In the 1970s, Peace News carried frequent, and sometimes vitriolic, debates about the Middle East, often sparked by anger on the part of some readers at the uncompromisingly anti-Zionist line of its regular contributor – and sometime Middle East Editor – Uri Davis (himself a Jewish Palestinian). From time to time, as here, PN spelt out its own view.

Cartoons etc

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon

Roouminations by Donald Rooum

By Milan Rai

Peace News co-editor Milan Rai analyses Ukraine, western hypocrisy, the role (not) played by nuclear weapons in the ongoing crisis, claims that the US organised a "fascist coup" in Ukraine, the "referendum" in Crimea, and the path away from war.

The craic in Cairo
Crackdown in Cairo
Smackdown in Cairo
Jazdown in Cairo
Freedom for free
Ashes for life