Street-selling man

Readers of Peace News may wonder how they can help apart from reading and subscribing to the paper?

One enjoyable way is to send for extra copies to sell locally – on the High Street, or at the market. My experience over many decades is to have a bookstall on the local market – as well as having many copies of Peace News, having secondhand books to support a few new Penguins and Puffins. Choose the books you like – your personal passion. There is greater need for bookstalls today as most of the community bookshops founded in the 1960s and 1970s have sadly disappeared. Although, contrary to this trend, Five Leaves Bookshop has recently opened in Nottingham – opened by Five Leaves Press’s Ross Bradshaw.

You will have fun doing a bookstall on the local market – rents are cheap – and you will meet like-minded people as well as a cross-section of people.

Get in touch with Housmans (Peace News) Bookshop and Freedom Press Bookshop for new radical, libertarian… pacifist and anarchist books.

Send for 10 copies of Peace News and give it a go?

Trust the people

Please reassure Norman Finkelstein (PN 2567) that John Kerry’s framework agreement will not put paid to Palestinian hopes. Both the Israeli knesset and the Palestinian authority have made it clear that their acceptance of any agreement will be subject to referendums. There would be no point in offering a framework which could not be supported by reasonable people in both communities.

I was disappointed to see Norman’s interview on the front page of Peace News. I have not seen Kerry’s Framework Agreement. Neither has Norman. But it’s likely to offer the best prospect yet for a just peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Peace News should welcome it. Prophets of nonviolence and reconciliation long to bring peace and hope to the Middle East. They need our support – now!

Gloom-mongering intellectuals don’t belong on your front page.

Peace and love

Transformation not revolution

It was really thought-provoking to read Clare Cochrane’s Diary together with John Champneys’ letter in the March issue of PN.

Clare’s opting for ‘heart and values’ rather than ideology for her anchor resonated strongly with my own feelings about what makes for peace.

Clare said she was still for nonviolent revolution. On that I was with John (though not with all of his letter). I have reached a point where that matter needs serious debate among us as a movement, as I suggested in an article two years ago (PN 2544).

We have seen all too many recent instances of what nonviolent revolution can turn into, not only in the Middle East but now in Ukraine, when people are deeply divided and one side is trying to impose its will on others. Transformation is what is needed and won’t happen all at once. We need, in the end, to change minds and hearts.


My letter in your March edition (PN 2567) was dashed off when paying my sub and I meant it to be private. The remark in it which you rightly criticise is not what I intended, quite wrong, and I withdraw it and apologise.

The muslim religion is a great one, and its learned clerics great for running many things in civil society. Some of them still want to form a theocratic government, making it difficult to accommodate, as equals, those of other religions and of none. It is this to which I intended to refer.

I shall be more careful in future, until I finally lose my marbles!