Activism and... Spring

IssueApril 2014

For a lot of people I know, spring is about planting seeds, growing, nurturing, green stuff. It’s very hopeful, there are lots of metaphors there for making a better world, starting the revolution, taking control of your own food, give us bread but give us roses, etc etc.

For me, spring means spring cleaning – the spring cleaning I ought to do, but don’t. The tottering piles of things-not-done and things-not-tidied-away shine more brightly in the sunshine.

Spring means getting out, demonstrating, doing things outdoors, getting away from the computer screen which is so much of what campaigning seems to be about these days. Spring is maybe like a liberation from the keyboard. The key unlocking you from the keyboard!

Spring means walking in the sunshine, which is very healing and space-creating (in your head) and important for renewing yourself and getting a better perspective on all the things in your life.

Walking outdoors with your friends, strolling about, ambling, looking at this and that, talking about important things and not-so-important things, chewing things over in a calm considered way, while your poor co-editor is stuck at home frantically slaving over the last page, trying to fill up the huge, yawning white space after doing all the last-minute work that suddenly appeared from nowhere, so that he can PDF and get the files off to the printers before the deadline expires and PN starts racking up some sort of extra charges with the printer, who he’s just rung up to confirm they are okay with doing this extra-long 24-page issue.

Spring is about growing, nurturing, stuff like that.

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