Extra people sought

Letter by Jay Ginn, Steve Jeffreys, Diana Shelley, by email

ImageA week after the generals’ coup in Greece, on 28 April 1967, a group of activists, mainly from the Committee of 100 and the LSE (and including two PN journalists), nonviolently occupied the Greek embassy in Mayfair to protest against the coup. Some 41 people were eventually convicted of unlawful assembly and three were jailed.

Were you in the embassy, supporting us outside, active in our defence campaign or even in the vanload who escaped before we reached the police station? If you were, we’d like to invite you to a reunion on Friday 28 April in central London, courtesy of the Greece Solidarity Campaign who are holding their own evening to commemorate the anniversary.

We’d love to hear from you, even if you can’t come to the reunion.

Contact Jay on 01737 559 341 or j.ginn2@gmail.com