Sword into hoe

News in Brief

On 16 March, James Dowling of the Brisbane Catholic Workers pleaded not guilty at Brisbane magistrates court. He said that he had not ‘wilfully damaged’ a metal sword attached to a large stone crucifix known as the ‘Cross of Sacrifice’, a war memorial which has stood since 1924 by the gates of Brisbane’s Toowong cemetery.

Dowling told reporters after the hearing: ‘The damage was done when the sword was put on a cross, that is wilful damage. We tried to repair that damage. We took that sword off the cross.’

On 1 March, Dowling handed the sword to Tim Webb, also charged with wilful damage, who put it on an anvil and hammered it into a garden hoe.

Trial is set for 26 April. We were put onto this story by the wonderful Nuclear Resister: www.nukeresister.org

Topics: Anti-war action