Power to the UN

Letter by John Garrett Jones, by email

ImageWhen military threats like those in Syria/Iraq and E Ukraine burst on the scene it is tempting to respond militarily. The problem is that, if we go on like this, there will be no end to the long streams of fleeing civilians, warring bands of insurgents, radicalisation of youngsters, escalating casualties, insane violence and seeding of new hatreds.

This scenario might suit arms traders and power-hungry politicians but it disgusts most of the rest of us. It is also lethal for the planet.
It is ordinary people like ourselves who have to bring about change. The immediate aim is to get all military power into UN hands, transforming it from being the war machine of nation states to a global peacekeeping force under international control. It is high time that the UN should be able to take firm executive action in all matters transcending national boundaries, never to wage war but always to secure the peace and protect the planet. See: