Features in issue 2576-2577

Bertha von Suttner

by Annette Bygott

Celebrating the memory of a forgotten German pacifist

The culture shifts we need to build stronger movements

by Catalyst Project

The US anti-racist collective, Catalyst Project, recently circulated this text with the subject heading ‘What do you mean by anti-racism?’

Here comes Zylum!

by Zylum folk

Peace News launches a new set of internet tools to support grassroots campaigning groups

Te Puea

by Emily Johns, Gabriel Carlyle

Maori resistance to WW1

Resisting empire’s call

by Gabriel Carlyle

The hidden history of the Global South and the First World War

‘What the hell have we got to do with the war?’

by Gabriel Carlyle

Opposition to WW1 in the West Indies

Gandhi goes recruiting-oh!

by Gabriel Carlyle

The 'great soul''s role in WW1

The limits to eco-villages

by Kimberly Golden

PN interviews a British radical educator from the London Community
Housing Co-op who visited an idyll in Northern Germany

Anarchy & Beauty

by Emily Johns

Emily Johns is inspired by the life and art of William Morris

Radical co-ops face crossroads

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

What happens when the founders of a radical organisation move on, new people come in, and the strict entry standards that were put in place originally are set aside? How does it affect who joins the organisation, and how does it affect the politics of the organisation?