Comments in issue 2576-2577

Editorial: How do we stop UKIP?

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

To halt the rise of UKIP, white anti-racists need to reach out to their white neighbours and communities – to break racist myths about immigration and Islam, and to organise white people against the real problems in society.

The Personal Column: Hedd Wyn

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves reflects on the life of Welsh poet Ellis Evans

The History Column: Breaking the silence

by Ann Kramer

WW1 COs' resistance didn't end when they entered prison ...


by Cornerstone Cath

Our Leeds-based cooperator mulls the politics of exclusion

70 years ago: It's still the same

by Albert Beale

The distinguished physicist, astronomer and mathematician, Arthur Eddington, was a First World War conscientious objector and life-long pacifist (and a keen cyclist, devising the Eddington Secondary Number which measures a cyclist’s achievements; his own E-number was 84). One of the pieces Peace News published to mark his death on 22 November 1944 looked at what he’d written to explain his continuing pacifism during the Second World War.