IssueJuly/August 2013
Comment by Benjamin Zephaniah

‘The peace garden is opposite the War Memorial,’
Said the old soldier.

‘We had to fight to make peace
Back in the good old days.’

‘No the War Memorial is opposite the peace garden,’
Said the old pacifist.

‘You’ve had so many wars to end all wars,
Still millions are dying from the wars you left behind.’

‘Look,’ said the old soldier.
‘You chickens stuck your peace garden

In front of our War Memorial to cause non-violent trouble.
This War Memorial is necessary,

It reminds us that people have died for our country.’

‘Look,’ said the old pacifist,
‘In the beginning was peace
And the peace was with God
And the peace was God,
This peace garden is unnecessary but

It reminds us that people want to live for our country.’

Benjamin Zephaniah chose these poems to contribute to this special issue of Peace News

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